Oy Otto Rodén Ab reorganises its operations

The port operator Oy Otto Rodén Ab (Roden Shipping) offers tailored forwarding, factory and warehouse services at the Port of Kokkola. The company specialises in handling of light-coloured bulk products such as feed phosphates, potassium sulphate and potassium salt. It also has extensive expertise in handling of liquids and chemicals such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and ammonia. The focus of the company’s operations is on exports and its customers are companies in the Kokkola Industrial Park. Constant process development is part of Otto Rodén Shipping’s strategy. As part of this development effort, the company is now investing in a comprehensive logistics solution that will cover all links in the transport and handling chain from storage buildings to land transport, harbour crane capacity and ship traffic.

Development Manager Jyrki Roukala of Port of Kokkola Ltd (on the left) and Production Manager Kimmo Satomaa of Otto Rodén Ab are cooperating closely in implementation of the development project.

“Our goal during the current year is to significantly increase transport efficiency between customer companies and the port, and in loading and unloading ships. This will be achieved by updating transport equipment and increasing lorry pallet size. The port company has already invested in new cranes and grabs,” explains Kimmo Satomaa, the company’s production manager.

“As the size of transport equipment is now increasing, changes in industrial warehouse buildings will also be
necessary, such as larger door openings and loading facilities. The project is therefore being carried out in close cooperation with the Kokkola port company, customer companies and other companies in the Backman-Trummer Group.”

“Co-operation and the boldness required to modernise have been the key words of the project since the outset. Our goal is to make operations more efficient and strengthen the culture of cooperation. Then we’ll be able to offer reliable, customer-oriented services on even more competitive terms,” Satomaa points out.